MODWF Wireless Serial Transmitter / Receiver


WiFi wireless serial transmitter / receiver for RS232 and RS485, 12-24VDC powered, up to 100 meter range


Transceiver into IP65 case (on request IP67 version) with backlit LCD display, 38×16 mm, two-line by eightdigit (5 mm height). Four-key keypad for the system calibration. Six indicator LED. 3 PG9 cable glands. Dimensions: 170 x 80 x 65 mm (centre distance 120×60 mm).
WiFi communication interface device between two serial devices.

Wifi module for wireless connection via Modbus RTU, Laumas ASCII protocol
RS232 and RS485 ports (Modbus RTU/Laumas ASCII protocol)
Connectable to others MODWF devices devices and W series Laumas instruments with OPZW1RADIO optional
Wall mounting

MODWF Brochure

Examples of Use