V10000-275 Vessel Weighing Load Cell Kit


Tank weighing scale mounts for use with Laumas CBL & CBX load cells.


V10000 for cells CBL 250-12500; CBX 15000

V10275 for cells CBL 250-12500; CBX 15000
AISI-304 stainless steel mounting kits designed for silos, tanks, mixing machines, hoppers subject to vibrations because of parts in motion.

The LAUMAS V10000 and V10275 weighing assemblies have integral horizontal restraints. Both models have jacking bolts to aid in removing the load from the load cell and allows you to replace a load cell if needed. These are a great solution for most all tank and hopper weighing systems, being low-profile helps reduce the amount the vessel needs to be lifted in low headroom applications.

The V10000 is ideally suited for weighing systems when the mounts are attached between a sub-frame and the vessel.
The V10275 has a longer base plate more suited for mounting directly to the floor, the mounting holes are easier to access on the larger base plate.

Additional information

Capacity KG

V10000 15,000 kg, V10000 250 to 12,500 kg, V10275 15,000 kg, V10275 250 to 12,500 kg

V1000-275 Brochure

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