WEBLAU Ethernet TCP/IP Web Server for Load Cells


Ethernet TCP/IP port for remote access for load cells, web server via internet by PC, smartphone, or tablet.


Web server master with six-digit red LED display (8 mm height). Space saving compact design. Four buttons. Dimensions: 25 x 115 x 120 mm.
Ideal for supervision, management and remote control of the W series weight indicators and TLB series weight transmitters (max 8 instruments)

RS485 port (Modbus RTU)
Ethernet TCP/IP port for remote management via internet from PC, smartphone or tablet, etc.
Back panel mounting on Omega/DIN rail

The WEBLAU device is a useful support for all installers/dealers of Laumas weighing instruments as it makes easier the remote maintenance, allowing to control wherever, the status of the instruments connected to RS485 including the possible anomalies.

WEBLAU Brochure