Instrument Manager Software – Weighing Instrument Setup and Calibration Tool

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What is Instrument Manager Software?

We offer the Instrument Manager Software to aid in setting up / calibrating our weighing electronics.  Our various load cell transmitters and weighing digital displays have always been intuitive to configure, the manuals are written well and easy to follow.  Once the scale technician gets familiar with the key pad’s menu functions they are a breeze to use as our menu structure stays the same for most of the weighing instruments.  This being said there is always a learning curve.   This software eases that curve considerably.  

Why is this Software Such a Valuable Tool

This program is provided for free and allows setup and calibration of many of our weighing indicators and transmitters.  You can also perform firmware updates to the instruments and even save the configuration and calibration file for later use.  This feature is useful if a unit fails for some reason, it gives the user the ability to upload the saved file to a new instrument and continue on without the need for re-calibrating the scale.