V15000-100000 High Capacity Tank Weighing Mount


For use with Laumas CBL & CBX load cells.


V15000 for load cells CBL 15000; *CBX 30000
V30000 for load cells CBL 30000; *CBX 50000
V100000 for load cells CBL 50000-100000

AISI-304 stainless steel mounting kits designed for silos, mixing machines, tanks, hoppers subject to vibrations because of parts in motion.

*AISI 304 stainless steel adapter required for CBX load cells:
– V15000 PN: ADAT100CBX15T
– V30000 PN: ADAT126CBX30T
– V100000 PN: ADAT165CBX50T
Load cell not included.

Additional information

Capacity KG

100,000 kg, 15,000 kg, 30,000 kg, 50,000 kg

V15000-100000 Brochure